Trout Featured in Vision Article

SueSue Trout, Assistant Professor of English, was recently featured in a Belmont Vision article authored by Heather Thompson, a senior English major.  The piece begins:   “In Susan Trout’s office, the walls, door, her bookshelves and even her desk are barely visible.

The surface of the door is entirely covered in photos of the ‘Hey Girl’ Ryan Gosling meme, a teaching schedule and notes from students. A file cabinet in the corner boasts cartoons, including one highlighting her favorite author in an amusing declaration of ‘Faulk it!’ The front of her desk is lined with student-made photo manipulations of various English faculty members and a tweet from a student praising the deity that ensured a successful registration. The desk itself displays a fish-shaped stapler and a Star Trek nutcracker.

Behind her desk, it is almost possible to hear the overflowing bookshelf groaning under the weight of the novels and the framed photo of various species of trout that it contains. The walls draw attention to photos of her children, memorabilia from previous classes and pictures of students.

One thing the eye never notices is a Chaney Distinguished Professor Award, the highest honor a teacher at Belmont can receive. Though she has won it in the past, that’s not the type of things Trout prides herself on.

Her priorities are more along the lines of how she runs in class.”

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