Belmont English Faculty and Students Serve Humanities Symposium


Belmont English faculty members contributed greatly to the planning and execution of the 14th Annual Belmont University Humanities Symposium.  The event, which ran from September 28 to October 5, centered on the theme of food.  Titled “Many Tables Fayre: Cuisine in Culture and Community,” the week-long symposium involved  thirty-seven events, including individual presentations, panel presentations, a cooking class, service activities, a writing workshop, and a creative writing contest.

The planning committee for the event included several Belmont English faculty: Dr. Jason Lovvorn (chair), Professor Sue Trout, Dr. Maggie Monteverde, and Dr. Annette Sisson. English faculty, graduate students, and students who delivered presentations included the following:

  • “Country’s Kitchen: Country Singers and Their Cookbooks,” Dr. Sarah Blomeley
  • “The Stories Supermarkets Tell,” Panel:  Dr. Douglas Murray, Dr. Marcia McDonald, and Dr. Charmion Gustke
  • “Seeking a Small, Good Thing: A Non-Foodie Bakes Bread,” Dr. Linda Holt
  • “The Burguerillas: Finding the Best Burger in the World,” Panel, including from English: Dr. Joel Overall, Dr. Jayme Yeo, Dr. Jason Lovvorn, Dr. Robbie Pinter, Dr. Susan Finch
  • “Heroes of the Belly:  Odysseus and Falstaff,”Dr. Marcia McDonald
  • “Heroic Feasting,”Dr. Maggie Monteverde
  • “Rhythm is Originally the Rhythm of the Feet,” Dr. Gary McDowell
  • “Turning the Tables: Exploring Animosity and Deception when Dining with Enemies,” Graduate Student Panel: Meredith Harrell, Paul Spilburg, Carmen Watts, Alyssa Wynans
  • “When Good Food Goes Bad:  Food, Race, and Gender in Southern Literature,” Student Panel: Taylor Herald, Alex Mitchell, and Rachel Bryan
  • “Eating Well: Agriculture and Place, Community and Progress, Wendell Berry and Thomas Hardy,” Dr. Annette Sisson
  • “The PAN Is Mightier than The Sword:  Cooking as an Act of Resistance,” Professor Sue Trout
  • “Saints and Seekers: Embodying Spirituality through Bread, Wine, and Sustainability,” Dr. Robbie Pinter
  • Pedagogy Via Pancakes, The Collaborative for Collegiality, including Dr. Bonnie Smith Whitehouse (English)
  • “Writing about Food” Workshop,” Professor Sue Trout and Dr. Jason Lovvorn
  • 2015 Sandra Hutchins Humanities Symposium Writing Competition, Dr. Gary McDowell and Dr. Susan Finch
  • Symposium Wrap-Up: Reflecting on Cuisine in Culture and Community, Humanities Symposium Committee, including from English, Dr. Jason Lovvorn, Dr. Maggie Monteverde, Dr. Annette Sisson, Professor Sue Trout

Click here for complete program:  2015 Humanities Symposium Program

Gustke Presents at Event Honoring the Work of Ann Romines

charmion_gustkeOn October 2, Dr. Charmion Gustke delivered a talk entitled, “‘The Look Itself’: Searching for Cather in Concord” at George Washington University.  Her presentation was part of a series of events to honor Professor Ann Romines, a well-known voice in Willa Cather studies and American literary studies. Professor Romines recently retired after forty-three years of service in the Department of English at George Washington.