English Graduate Students Present at Multiple Conferences

From Dr. Jayme Yeo, Director of Graduate Studies in English…

Belmont English graduate students are traveling the nation presenting their work at conferences! In September, Carmen Watts gave a paper on high-school writing centers to the Tennessee Council for Teachers of English in Nashville, while Paul Spilburg, Meredith Harrell, Alyssa Wynans, and Carmen Watts presented at our very own Belmont Humanities Symposium. Lacey Lamberth and Alan Tucker read their work at the Mardi Gras Conference in Louisiana in February. In March, Amanda Salmon will present on Lysistrata and Hannah Horvath at the Global Status of Women and Girls conference in Virginia, and Taylor Irwin, Jamey Woods, and Colleen McClintock will read their work at the Unstable Identities conference at UNC Greensboro. In April, Alyssa Wynans will present on Shakespeare and Tumblr at the Shakespeare and Our Times conference at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. And Hannah McIntosh will present at the Crime and Criminality conference at University of South Carolina. Congrats to all of our graduate students for their outstanding work!

Hodges Hamilton and Blomeley Organize Women’s History Month Events

Dr. Amy Hodges Hamilton and Dr. Sarah Blomeley organized a series of events connected to Women’s History Month and are on the program (below) as speakers.   The Keynote speaker, Dr. Charlotte Pierce-Baker will give a talk entitled “Surviving the Silence” on March 16 at 10 a.m. in the WAC 4th-floor conference room.  Events will offer both Academic Lecture and Culture & Arts convo credit.


Hodges Hamilton Publishes Work on Writing and Trauma

amy_hodges_hamiltonDr. Amy Hodges Hamilton, Associate Professor of English, recently published a book chapter, “First Responders: A Pedagogy for Writing and Reading Trauma.”  The work will appear in a forthcoming volume, Critical Trauma Studies: Understanding Violence, Conflict and Memory in Everyday Life (editors: Monica J. Casper and Eric Wertheimer).  About the book, the publisher, NYU Press, notes, “In Critical Trauma Studies, a diverse group of writers, activists, and scholars of sociology, anthropology, literature, and cultural studies reflects on the study of trauma and how multidisciplinary approaches lend richness and a sense of deeper understanding to this burgeoning field of inquiry.”

Trout and Lovvorn Present at Pedagogy Conferences

Professors Sue Trout and Jason Lovvorn, Belmont English Department faculty, recently co-presented at two international conferences tied to higher-education pedagogy.  In November 2015, at the Lilly International Conference on College Teaching in Oxford, Ohio, they delivered an interactive presentation called “What’s Hidden in Your Curriculum? An Alternative Assessment for Student Learning.”  Then, in February 2016, the two professors presented at the  Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy in Blacksburg, Virginia, where their talk was called “Hunger Games in the Classroom: Engaging Student Learning through Pop Culture Narratives.”