untitledDr. Bonnie Smith Whitehouse’s interdisciplinary team, the Collaborative for Collegiality, was recently awarded funding ($74,422.00) for a 2017 Improving Teacher Quality grant, “Untold Stories: Using Informational Texts to Expand Content Knowledge in ELA, Math, and Science while Facilitating a Respectful Culture in the Classroom.” This grant marks the team’s third successful application for funding from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. Using the grant, team members will conduct summer workshops for area teachers, and Dr. Smith Whitehouse will lead the English content area.  The team consists of:

  • Lauren Lunsford, Education (Principle Investigator)
  • Darlene Panvini, Biology
  • Bonnie Smith Whitehouse, English
  • Kate McGowan, Education
  • Kimberlee Entsminger, Chemistry
  • Ryan Fox, Mathematics & Education
  • Jesse Register, Education
  • Alan Coverstone, Education