In the Department of English at Belmont University, we strive to help students engage with language and literature. As an English major, you have the freedom to choose from diverse courses that raise your reading and writing skills to those of a professional. Within the Writing Emphasis, you have the flexibility to choose among courses in creative, exploratory, and professional writing where you can work in such genres as fiction, poetry, memoir, literary journalism, editing, and business communications. Within the Literature Emphasis, you have the flexibility to choose courses from different literary areas such as British, American, and World literature. Each of these areas is covered in a pair of survey courses that span two semesters as well as a series of upper-level courses that focus on major works, themes, authors, or genres.

Our department aims to offer educational opportunities on campus, in Nashville, and throughout the world. Through these opportunities, we work together to better the community and help you develop skills to prepare you for your future. As an English major, you are encouraged to participate in service-learning classes, to seek internships in various professional settings, to contribute to campus and local publications, and to study abroad.

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